Only Nixon less popular than Bush

Gallup Polling

A new USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Jan. 9-11, finds 34% of Americans approving of the overall job George W. Bush is doing as president and 61% disapproving. Those ratings are a shade better than what Bush has received for most of the past year, and may represent the kind of lame-duck approval bounce Gallup has seen for other presidents.

Bush mainly has members of his own party to thank for the fact that he is ending his presidency with an approval rating above 30%. Republicans’ approval of him rose from 67% in mid-December to 75% in the current poll — their highest rating of Bush in nearly a year. By contrast, approval of Bush remains extremely scarce among Democrats, and continues to fall under 30% among independents.

In one sense, Bush’s final rating is worse than either Carter’s or Truman’s, because his disapproval score is significantly higher. Whereas Bush and Carter share identical 34% final job approval ratings, 61% of Americans disapprove of the job Bush is doing, compared with 55% who said they disapproved of Carter in December 1980. Similarly, whereas Bush’s final approval rating is slightly higher than Truman’s 32% in 1952, his disapproval rating is also higher (61% vs. 56%), resulting in a lower net approval rating for Bush.

Only Richard Nixon was explicitly less popular at the time of his exit than Bush is today.

That horrid sex-fiend Bill Clinton finished his two terms with a positive approval of 66% while St Ronnie finished up at 63% – Not that you would know that if you only listened to right-wingers.

I guess it’s all part of that ‘creating their own reality’ thing where the wingnuts keep saying and writing what they believe over and over and over until many people think what they see and hear so often must be true.


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