Was it Torture?

This past week, the United Nations special Rapporteur on Torture, speaking on German television said that now George W Bush is no longer covered by the immunity of his position as head of state, the United States should begin investigation of his policies as they regard the mistreatment of American prisoners.

Many Americans seem to be expressing what has become known as the ‘Jack Bauer’ option: If a captured terrorist knows where a weapon of mass destruction is located, then using whatever means necessary to wring that information from the terrorist is OK with them.

The question must be; if the United States acts in the same manner as those who are attacking the US, then how can Americans still claim the high ground? How can Americans still say they are “better than them”, when they are acting in the same fashion?

Then, we have to face those who argue that “we should only look ahead, it happened, it was evil but now we must move on and let the dead sleep in peace”. Instead, I would argue, that there will be no peace until the evil we have done has been acknowledged and those who committed the most egregious offenses should be punished. Until, this is done, the world will not see the US as that “shining city on the hill”


2 responses to “Was it Torture?

  1. How do you define “high ground”? If you torture one known terrorist and save 3,000 Americans, I would say that is a higher ground than a terrorist grabbing an innocent person off the street and removing his head simply because he happened to have been born in a particular country.

  2. IF IF IF …

    How do you go from the

    you torture one known terrorist

    to the situation of

    a terrorist grabbing an innocent person off the street

    Tell me, how do you relate to the two?

    Don’t you realise that in condoning torture, which by the way has never been known to work in the “ticking time bomb scenario”, you have immediately removed any justification for thinking that America is superior to the terrorists.

    Read a bit, US military interrogators are now reporting that the tales of torture from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and those from Gitmo have been some of Al Qaeda’s most effective recruiting tools. According to a National Intelligence Estimate released last spring, the global Islamic fundamentalist terror groups are stronger today than they were in 2001.

    Torture doesn’t work, there is no rational or moral justification for its use by those who would claim to be better than the enemy.

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