I am but one

Earlier today, while posting in a political forum, the following was one of the comments to an earlier post of mine.

Thinking Somerville’s opinion will either affect or effect the Republican party is the essence of denial. That point seems to have flown right over the heads of many, you included.

An interesting point that I think the poster is trying to put forth: My opinions aren’t worth much in how they may affect the viewpoints of the Republican party. True.

BUT, my opinion in combination with those of more than half of the American populace DO have an EFFECT on the Republican Party. So much so, that the GOP is scrambling desperately to determine exactly what form it will take in the near future. We have seen moderate Republicans either switching to the Democratic Party or more often, just declining to participate in the present chaos. Then there are the hard right Republicans, near-libertarian in their views particularly as it concerns free market economics as exemplified by Friedman and Strauss.

These neo-Libertarians are sometimes in conflict with the Religious Right, the “values voters” with their anti-gay, anti-choice, strict Xtian views but at other times they have allied with each other. There are the remainders of the Dixiecrat, old Southern whites and all of their prejudices, still clinging to forlorn memories of some never was time of racial harmony when teh darkies knew their place and it sure as hell wasn’t supposed to be in the White House or the front of the bus even.

This disarray, after the recent elections and the consequences of eight years of less regulation, extravagant military spending, the slow erosion of their church-going base and now we see a Republican Party that is supported by less than a quarter of Americans. Recent polling finds that only five states have Republican majority population, ten states are 50-50 and the remainder are Democratic majority states.

Just Five Red States Left?

Gallup is in the midst of releasing a series of data from the more than 350,000 interviews that it conducted over the course of its daily tracking in 2008. The first data they’ve released, on partisan affiliation, contains some sobering news for Republicans:

Five Red states

That’s right: just five states, collectively containing about 2 percent of the American population, have statistically significant pluralities of adults identifying themselves as Republicans. These are the “Mormon Belt” states of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, plus Nebraska, plus Alaska. By contrast, 35 states are plurality Democratic, and 10 states are too close to call.

The Grand Old Party has surely lost its grandeur when a Republican Congressman has to beg forgiveness from a drug-addict, a multiple divorcee who exemplifies all that the Republicans claim to be against. Yet, Rush Limbaugh can go on air and demand to present his economic plan to the President as the dittoheads fall in line. Don’t they realise the mindless adulation exemplified by their self-chosen description; ” I can’t think for myself, so I’ll just agree with whatever Rush says.” This of course should be said with the appropriate banjo music and with an illiterate accent of some nature.

Who cares what Somerville thinks, the one of ambiguous gender and atheistic, Darwinist, socialist views? Somerville is just one of those over-educated ‘elites’ who seems to think that using polysyllabic words with actual facts and citations is going to convince or influence any ‘real’ Republican. “Oh no, none of those people who went to college can be trusted, they were all warped by those homo-librul professors.”

Too bad guys, I am only one person but I am part of a much larger whole. As extreme as some of you think my viewpoints may be, although you only know what I post here, just remember, I am now part of the majority, the majority that elected a half white/half black intelligent, articulate man to the highest office in the land over the best attempts of one party’s attempts to continue the failed policies of the Republican administration of George Walker Bush. And even though they ran on continuing his policies, now the GOPpers are saying that W. wasn’t a real Republican. Well if he wasn’t why in the hell didn’t you do something about it?

I am but one, but that one is a part of the majority – please try to remember that.


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