Tom Delay, why isn’t he in jail?

Delay (R-Lying TX) former leader of the GOP in Congress was just on Hardball with Chris Matthews. About the only words he uttered that were true were the ones used to connect the crap. You know, the, and, but … every other word was either an outright lie or a slur against the Democrat(sic) Party. The token librul on the show was former Congressman Harold Ford who Delay constantly spoke over and then ol Tom complained when Ford tried to interject a comment.

Despite the overwhelming favourable opinion from not only the Beltway Villagers but also from ordinary Americans, Delay thought the President’s speech was “one of the worst, most partisan speeches ever spoken on the floor of the House”

Matthews finished up by saying “Mr Delay” could appear on his show anytime. AAAAARGGHH!!!


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