Fun in politics

Rod Dreher writing at about CPAC and also giving us his take on Rush Limbaugh:

Anybody who challenges Limbavian orthodoxy is, ipso facto, the Enemy. If you suggest reform, even from the Right, you are a useful idiot for the Media, which are the Enemy, and can never be anything but the Enemy. Limbaughism sounds a lot like Leninism.

I loved it when the Soviet Union went down and the wall went down and the liberals in our country said you know they may not be ready for freedom over there. They’ve been oppressed — yes, liberals will gladly tell you who can have freedom and who can’t.

Um, what were the Nineties like in the former Soviet Union? That experiment proved that free markets and liberal democracy can’t take hold without the cultural and social preconditions for same. Ditto Iraq. But the Limbavian ideologues, these Right-Wing Rousseauists, see human nature as essentially perfect, except for the corrupting hand of government.

h/t to AmericaBlog

We’ve seen a Congressman – Phil Gingrey (R-GA), a Governor – Mark Sanford (R-SC) and the head of the Republican National Committee – Michael Steel, all grovel before the throne of the mighty El Rushbo. And now, after first uttering a bit of criticism about El Rushbo, Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) has refused to answer press questions about whether or not he has apologized to Rush.

A sad day for the Republican Party, no ideas, despised by the majority of Americans and now apparently they have become serfs in the demesne of an ‘entertainer’.


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