He’s exactly right

John Aravosis of AmericaBlog, posting today about America’s religious right factions

I’ve called the religious right “America’s Taliban.” And I would again. I didn’t sloppily choose the allusion simply because the Taliban is bad and the religious right is bad. I did it because both are uber-conservative religious zealots who oppose modernity, and who wish to force the majority in their own country, and the world, to live under their own draconian, backward, discriminatory rules. It’s a real comparison based on multiple, actual details.

With all of their wailing about “Islamofascists trying to destroy us because we are good and they are evil”, John has made the connection between the thought patterns and belief systems of the American religious right and those of the Taliban. In the recent past, the xtians have joined with the Islamic fundamentalists at several international conventions to stop moves that would aid women. They have also worked together to prevent family planning appropriations and against gay rights around the world.


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