Obama Joker Poster

When called out on using the infamous poster of the President in the ‘whiteface’ makeup of the Joker, a poster in an online forum came up with this truly memorable reply:

By the way, they made the same joker posters of GW. Probably ok in your mind. Only, now they’re racist.

To which silliness, I replied

You mean this one?

GWB as the Joker

and a follow up question to the terminally clueless:
You have noticed that George Walker Bush is of European ancestry, right?


5 responses to “Obama Joker Poster

  1. So, based on the evidence of those blistering attacks on the brainless right wing extremists, you’re like, a genius, right?

    • Well comparatively speaking – yes, I am a genius. Maybe not in the absolute sense but by comparison.

  2. And you always MUST have the last word, comparatively speaking, correct…?

  3. My blog, I can always have the last word here.

  4. Good point. Thanks for the conversation. 🙂

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