True Blood

Something a bit different.

A few years ago, I picked up a paperback that told the tale of a cute barmaid living and working in the small NW Lousiana town of Bon Temps (not a real place but nevertheless…). Sookie Stackhouse lives with her brother Jason and grandmother in an old country place that has been in their family for several generations.

I like SF and fantasy, when they are well written and so when I saw a second Sookie book, I bought it and a third and a fourth and on to the eighth book From Dead to Worse. I liked them all. Then last year while pushing the channel button on remote control, I saw a preview for a new HBO show to be called True Blood and that it was based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Beeee yuu ti full! Greatly enjoyed that first season and have faithfully watched all 10 episodes of the second season that is currently playing. I am not alone in my appreciation of the show as it has become HBO’s most popular original series. In recommending the show, I must tell anyone reading that it really is an adult experience. There is violence, graphically portrayed and sex – lots of sex, and bare skin even when sex is not involved. What makes the show though are the characters; watch a couple of episodes and you become involved in their lives, you wish they were real and that you could meet them – even the vampires.


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