Things that make me sad

A recent article in nature had the following graph

high science score students

Wow! the US has the greatest number of students with high scores on science tests!

Please note the blue line on the graph: Percent of students in a top score group.

The US has a lot of good students who are doing well in their science studies but on a per capita basis, the US sucks. The inevitable result, in my opinion, is a continuation, or even expansion, of the present day demonisation of the scientifically literate. In every field from climatology to biology to psychology, the purveyors of “woo” have louder voices in our society than those who are knowledgeable.

and so we end up with people such as Pastor Ray Mummert of Dover, PA who, while complaining about the refusal of high school teachers in his town to teach Intelligent Design, said the following

“We’ve been attacked,” he says, “by the intelligent, educated segment of our culture.”


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