Another translation of the Bible

Now a new ‘revised’ version of the inerrant Word of God is soon to be published.
The New International Version, the Bible of choice for conservative evangelicals, will be revised to reflect changes in English usage and advances in Biblical scholarship”

“advances in Biblical scholarship” – Does that mean, some new autographs have been discovered or is it the ‘scholarship’ of debate within a closed community of minds?

I have a problem with some who call themselves Christian, not all – but some

Sorry, I don’t need to hear your Truth, for I have studied the subject and found it wanting

It is said “And regardless, all of humanity will kneel before Jesus, the Lord of and Creator of all things.” by xians who believe in their particular deity and holy text. Other human beings have different beliefs and there are many who say “I see no proof of your claims”

It matters not what you believe. That doesn’t change the facts that the basic religious beliefs expounded upon in the xian holy text are decent standards to live by. That doesn’t change the facts that there are some truly bizarre statements within the same book nor does it change the fact that the basic moral standard of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is taught by 99% of all religions. The Golden Rule is the basis for strong human societies thruout history.

An adamant insistence upon being right, a demand that all shall believe as they, the fundamentalists believe – or ELSE – seems to indicate a deep seated fear of being alone in one’s beliefs. The anger and verbal attacks spewed by some of those who call themselves Christian do nothing for their cause, rather they merely show to the questioners that the xians are deeply afraid of being wrong and can only assuage those fears by shouting louder – “I’m right and you’re going to be sorry!” At one time, conversion to xianity was enforced by the sword “Swear faith in Jesus, or DIE!”, nowadays it is a more subtle but nevertheless still a threat, “Swear faith in Jesus, or SUFFER!”

Threats don’t work well with me. Add to that basic stance, held since my days in a church school, with a desire to check up on others claims and one finds that not only are many of the claims made by xians unverifiable but many are outright false. Of course for every false claim there are apologists who will publish books and essays, preach sermons and babble in front of cameras that “It all comes down to assumptions. Since we know the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, we must begin all of our investigations with that in mind.” The person who really wants to learn any subject, begins by admitting, “I don’t know much but I am willing to change my mind when the facts tell me to but first I need to learn more so that I might better evaluate the data presented to me or that I find for myself.”


3 responses to “Another translation of the Bible

  1. Unfortunately the Christian culture embraces conforming and frowns on wisdom.

    I struggled to break free of peer pressure. It was terrifying, to even consider some part of what I had been taught was wrong, meant it was all wrong.

    That is what Christians are sold, even if they don’t realize it. I have no idea how to make them less judgmental. The Church has had two thousand years to come up with rebuttals for them to use.

    The church even attacked logic, using logic to explain why its members shouldn’t use logic.

  2. I have to disagree with the statement “Christian culture embraces conforming and frowns on wisdom”, at least to a small extent.

    Afterall, there are 30,000+ groups that call themselves Christian, so there does appear to be some distancing from the notion of ‘conforming’ although within each group conformity is deemed an essential aspect of being a group member.

  3. Although Chritianity has, since the reformation, divided once again into sects, for the most part they believe in a trinity view of Jesus. As long as this belief is supported, other differences are tolerated. But, ultimately, the nature of Jesus requires conformity. Wisdom or logic have suffered as a result of Christianity.

    A number of reasons provide motivation for educational hibition. Luther and others promoted faith without reason and I can see how those who had no way of altering there lot in life could garner support for that view.

    However, those who gained the freedom to express themselves were seen as threats to those who needed a simple language to relate too.

    The Bible as inerrant takes a great number of justifications. The earliest fragments in existence, of the new Testament vary substantially from our Bibles. Apologetics offer excuses that would be rejected for any other facet of life.

    The men who established a canon including Constatine were evil, murdering family memebers and others. Evidence without justification is overwhelming for immoral men creating the Biblical doctrine.

    Few can argue this fact, but it hampers the doctrine sold so excuses are offered. The whole thing is simple, men who were ambitious promoted their view. They did whatever it took and when they became the winners, they rewrote history naming themselves orthodox and destined to win.

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