Victims of ‘knowledge’

I just found a great explanation for the righties rejection of reality as it relates to Rep Wilson’s outburst last night.

A Victim Of His Own Paranoia

Wilson’s outburst reflects something deeper. One recurrent theme of extremist assaults on the president has been the deep, visceral conviction that he’s hiding an extremist agenda. The more moderate his rhetoric, the more reasonable his tone, the more detailed and specific his claims, the deeper this conviction grows. If you start with the presumption that the president is trying to foist his socialist agenda on an unsuspecting nation, then his apparent moderation and civility is actually further evidence of his duplicity. When nonpartisan groups substantiate his claims, it’s because they’re swallowing his transparent lies instead of revealing his real, hidden agenda. Every bit of apparent evidence that the president is reasonable only makes the situation more desperate – how to break through the illusion and reveal him for what he is?

We saw this dynamic recur again and again throughout the month of August, as anger boiled over at town hall meetings. Right wing activists insisted that they knew, to a moral certainty, what the plan was actually about, and demanded that their representatives acknowledge the truth. Such arguments are immune from rebuttal; at their very heart lies the esoteric contention that the real agenda is only implicit, hidden within the bill’s provisions, and that seemingly benign clauses actually contain loopholes that will be nefariously exploited following its passage.

Time and time again we see these very same actions spouted by those characterised as ‘wingnuts’ – They KNOW the TRUTH and therefore the facts be damned if they don’t fit into their extremely constricted worldview.

How much of this denial is racism? How much of the rebuttals come from sheer embarrassment at following the rightwing politicians of the past few years with the resultant economic and political chaos? How much comes from sheer ignorance and a stubborn insistence that there really was some ‘Golden Age’ in the nation’s past (also a result of ignorance)? I have no idea but there is sure as hell something causing this unreasoning behaviour on the right.


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