Will Rep. Wilson apologize to the House?

Speaker of the House Pelosi is now demanding that Wilson come down to the floor of the Chamber and apologise for his actions during the President’s speech on health care this week.

The Rep did apologise to the President for calling out, “You lie!” while the President spoke, but a day later followed up with a new ad in which he says he is now under attack from the left and those who want to extend government control over the American healthcare system. “They are trying to keep me from speaking out”.

His leaders in the elected ranks of GOP politicians are telling Wilson to “cool it” but the un-elected leaders (Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, etc.) are urging him to keep it up and even to retract his apology.

Wilson’s Democratic opponent for the next Congressional election in 2010, Rob Miller, has raised over $1.5 million dollars in the two days since Wilson’s outburst, so the Repub does have some worries leading into next year’s campaign. Even though the district is reliably Republican, still only about 1 in 4 constituents supported Wilson in a poll carried out over the past two days.

Public Policy Polling of North Carolina
747 voters were contacted on Sept. 10 and today. Margin of error is +/-3.6%.

According to PPP:

_ 62 percent of voters in Wilson’s Second District say they disapprove of Wilson’s actions, while just 29 percent approve;

_ Pointedly, it is Wilson’s behavior that sparked objections. The poll indicated that 42 percent concede that Obama could very well be lying. Another 46 percent believe the president was telling the truth.

_ Overall, 49 percent of voters said Wednesday’s incident made them less likely to vote for Wilson in the future while 35 percent said it made them more likely to do so.

_ Obama’s approval rating is 50 percent in the district, which PPP declares is pretty good _ given that he lost the district by 9 points in November. Gov. Mark Sanford’s approval rating is 31 percent _ and 51 percent think he should resign.

Wilson says he’s sorry but refuses to apologize before his fellow Congress critters

“I’ve apologized one time. The apology was accepted by the president, by the vice president whom I know. I am not apologizing again,”

Wilson told Chris Wallace during Fox News Sunday broadcast Sept. 13, 2009..


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