Does Limbaugh like (some) pedophiles?

One might think so with his ‘manly’ greeting of disgraced pol, Mark Foley, when the two recently met in a West Palm Beach dining spot

Taking a right turn on Clematis with Limbaugh, Foley
It’s as if a convention of Conservatives descended on the West Palm Beach French restaurant Pistache.

… meanwhile, radio talker wannabe Mark Foley, the sender of spicy text-messages to pages when he was a U.S. Congressman, entertained a posse.

When Limbaugh noticed him, the two fell into a manly embrace, with Limbaugh shouting excitedly: “Mark Foley!”

“I used to go to Rush’s house to watch The Sopranos,” Foley said.
(c) Jose Lambiet’s Page 2 live

Foley will soon be launching his own radio talk show in an apparent effort to cash in on the resurgence of absolutely crazy rightwingers who talk “family values” and “moral lives” while acting in, shall we say, not quite the same way they tell everyone else to act.

Like Charlie Pierce says in Idiot America, Truth has become what people believe, not what the facts demand. A rightwinger who sins, who is a complete criminal, is still a good guy as long as he continues to preach the moral values. It also helps if the rightie is paid millions to lie on a daily basis. Limbaugh is presently receiving about $20,000,000 a year from ClearChannel Communications while the company is losing billions and laying off thousands of employees. Nice job if you can get it.

Shall we say “Hypocrites!” or my personal favourite IOKIYAAR.


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