More views from the alternate universe

The following gems, with my replies, were found in an online forum. They are part of the world-view held by so many who used to be Republicans but lost faith in the party because it was thought to be not conservative enough.

Experience has taught me that a liberal government will become tyrannical.

I don’t think your definitions of “liberal” and “tyrannical” are those accepted by the educated and rational. I also feel that your knowledge of history is sorely lacking in breadth and depth.

Yes! Government should NOT be running the private sector! i.e. auto manufacturers, health care, energy, etc. Capitalism works best when Washington butts out. They screw up everything they touch.

Really, why not allow companies to run everything? After all Enron did such a great job once govt. regs were dropped in California. I’m sure the car you drive today would be so much ‘better’ if the govt hadn’t bothered with all those silly requirements on how cars are to be built. Why not turn over the defence of the nation to a patriotic company like Xe (ex-Blackwater) or Halliburton (electrocutor of American soldiers)? – that’s working so well in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The world is not black/white, either/or – it is far more complex than a few words posted on a Sunday morning can cover. Believe as you wish, that’s one of those things that govt is too screwed-up to protect, just don’t try and force your beliefs on others – that also is a right protected by the screwed-up govt.


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