How can we talk to them?

How can we talk to them when they refuse to acknowledge reality? Often it seems the right is incapable of introspection as they time and time again accuse the left of actions that the right has carried out for years.

Why is that liberals accuse anyone voicing an opposing view point of “forcing” their beliefs on others. Are you so unsure of what you believe that you can’t handle a debate?

“Liberals” will accuse righties of “forcing their beliefs on others” when that is what is seen on a daily basis. Abortion rights – some xians want to totally outlaw abortions – those are attempts to “force” their dogma on others. Gay marriage – xians are trying to stop same-sex couples from enjoying (or not) the same rights and privileges as hetero couples presently have – that is forcing their dogma on others, attempting to put their religious beliefs into secular law. Tax privileges for religious institutions – that is forcing the non-believer to pay for religious property. Attempting to push xian beliefs into history classes, attempting to stop the teaching of science in science classes where it shows the falsity of certain religious beliefs.

Shall I go on?

Yes, liberals do see a movement on the right, by some who call themselves conservative, that wishes to force all Americans to act as if certain xian beliefs were universally held.

Now we are starting to see the right side fracturing as the true ideologues and fanatics fight over ever smaller differences.

At the Western Conservative Political Action Conference (WCPAC) in Newport Beach this past week, a fervent supporter of former Governor Palin, John Ziegler attacked David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union.

Keene initially agreed to a sit-down interview, but he tried to leave when the questions turned aggressive. After offering a few rebuttals he quickly gave up and resorted to name-calling. “I’m not gonna hit you, but I’d like to, because you deserve it,” Keene said at one point. Before finally freeing himself of Ziegler, he added, “You’re an asshole. You got that on the air? Asshole.”
Read more at Huffington Post


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