Liberalism leads to Tyranny! OMG!!!

Recently I saw a straight forward claim by one of those who today are calling themselves, “Independents” Once upon a time they were proud Republicans but for many of them the chasm between the ‘fiscal conservatism’ so loudly proclaimed by the party and the reality that has resulted in today’s economic problems has caused them to wander off into some Randian universe.

I am willing to understand that my government cannot give me anything without first taking it from someone else. So, I provide for myself.

That is hilarious!

Obviously the poster wasn’t thinking very deeply about his posts because of his emotional, non-rational beliefs.

“The government cannot give me anything” – so without a government providing for defence, you would be a free person?

without a government providing fire and legal officers, you would be safe in your own home or on the streets?

without a government providing for inspection of food sources (sometimes) you would be safe to eat anything someone (an unregulated capitalist) would sell to you?

without a government, you could afford to drive to work on roads and streets that demanded fees for passage? the list of rights and privileges and protections is far too extensive to post here. The government ‘takes’ to provide for the greater good, one can always become a Ted Kaczynski and live in a small cabin out in the woods someplace but you would have to watch out for the logging companies when the govt doesn’t interfere with the loggers ‘need’ for your trees.

It happened to my grandfather who lost his farm to an oil company, it turned out that his deed only covered the surface rights, all mineral rights and access were sold without his knowledge by a bank many states away. A hardscrabble farmer who was unable to fight the oil company that began drilling on his farm, they “had to have access to their property” even if it destroyed the crops in the fields on top of the oil, Grandpa took the money that was offered and moved to a tiny three room cabin in Texas. I remember visiting him shortly before his death but the only thing that has stuck with me from that visit were the preserved squirrels in Mason jars sitting on a shelf in the kitchen – they were his primary source of meat.


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