“Republicans can’t be racists!”

It was Republicans who voted for Civil Rights. Democrats did not. Al Gore’s father voted against it. Check your history. Also, the KKK came out of the Democratic party; the Dixiecrats to be exact.

More history ignorance on display.

Lyndon Johnson was a Texas Democrat who pushed the first Civil Rights Bill thru Congress. It was Harry Truman’s (another Democrat) efforts to desegregate America’s military that brought about the Dixiecrats, a momentary blip in American History. The Dixiecrats put up the ‘esteemed’ Senator from South Carolina, Strom Thurmond as their presidential candidate in 1948.

Yes, southern Democrats did vote against civil rights in the 40s and 50s but by the late 60s, those Dems still active in national politics had become Republicans. The party of Lincoln has become the party of ‘conservatives’ unwilling to admit that time has passed them by but quite willing to sell their myths about caring for the common man when in reality they have as always been the party of the oligarchs and corporatists.

The KKK originally came out of the un-Reconstructed Confederates led by former general JEB Stuart during the 1870s. It was revived during the Roosevelt administration as black Americans began to receive just as much in the way of benefits as whites, which some ‘white folks’ didn’t care for. The KKK spread across the country during the Depression, fed as racism is today, by despair over employment prospects and a feeling in certain segments of the population that they should be getting more than others who hadn’t ‘earned’ those benefits, and also by the type of charlatans known thruout history for taking advantage of those who feel their previously privileged place in society is being taken from them by an uncaring, secular, communist, fascist, socialist, theocratic, aristocratic, whatever – government.


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