Scozzafava drops out of Congressional race


Dede Scozzafava, the Republican and Independence parties candidate, announced Saturday that she is suspending her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District and releasing all her supporters.

Various well-known figures on the right had shown their support for the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, because Dede wasn’t supportive of those ever so important moral issues. However, just a month ago, the NRCC was saying the following about Hoffman;

“Fortunately, the local Republican county chairs had the foresight to see that Doug Hoffman lacked the integrity and qualities needed to be elected to anything — let alone Congress,” (NRCC spokesman) Paul Lindsay added. The Hill – Sept, 28

So now the voters in NY-23 have a chance to vote for a candidate who doesn’t live in the district, knows nothing about local issues but is a solid supporter of the hard-right, religious fanatic agenda.

People may be dissatisfied with the Obama Administration but will Americans really be happy with Republicans if the Reps go the radical religious route? Do you think Americans will support the agenda that the TeaBaggers are after? – anti-immigrant, xian doctrines in schools and the workplace, no government services, no public education, etc etc.

The Democratic problem is and has been for some time “a failure to communicate”. This inability to get across to many Americans that progressive ideas are more beneficial than the Randian, xian theocratic ideas now espoused by the right. When questioned on specific goals and actions, Americans support the progressive side more often then not but when asked to describe their personal values, they call themselves conservative or moderate – almost solely because of the success of the Republican media machine that has been operating since the failure of Barry Goldwater. This noise machine has successfully managed to so distort the meaning of ‘liberal’ that many Americans have come to think it means socialist/commie symp/anti-America.

Democrats are too inclusive and ‘understanding’ of the other side all too often – its the core reason they fail to fight back against the framing of the right.

Still there is that dichotomy in right wing thinking between “get the government off our backs” and “of course, the government should regulate social mores” but cognitive dissonance seems to be a requirement to belong to the right these days.


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