A very bad joke

Shamelessly taken from democommie in the comments at Ed’s Place

So, the story goes like this.

Jonah Goldberg is sitting in a bar in the District, sucking down a few martinis. He sees an asian sitting a few stools down, sneaks up behind him and knocks him off his barstool. The fellow is laying on the floor, stunned for a moment. He says, “What the hell are you doing?” Goldberg says, “I’m Jonah Goldberg and you japs attacked us at Pearl Harbor!.” The fellow on the floor says, “I’m not japanese, I’m chinese you fool!”. Jonah’s reply: “Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese all you gooks are the same!”.

Jonah, feeling quite pleased with himself, turns to go back to his drink. All of a sudden, WHAM!, he gets hit from behind by a barstool. He groans and rolls over to see the man HE just attacked holding a barstool, poised for another blow. He bleats, “What are you doing!?”. The chinese man says, “My grandfather was a stoker on the Titanic and YOU sank that ship, murdering him!”. Jonah says, “That was an iceberg you idiot, I’m a Goldberg”. The chinese man hefts the chair for another blow and says, “Iceberg, Steinberg, Goldberg–they’re all the same to me!”.

This was in a comment thread about a rightwing troll who apparently has zero knowledge of the world outside of his parents basement (seriously – that’s where his unemployed ass is residing these days). Go and read – Pat, Pat, Pat


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