They are not “mistresses!”

The use of the descriptive term “mistress” for the girlfriends of various hypocritical politicians irks me. They are girlfriends, sex partners, casual screws but I have yet to read of any American politician with a true mistress. In Europe, they still have such people, a long time female partner who is supported by the male, often providing a home and total financial support that allows the woman to dress as one of the appropriate class.

So when I hear about Gov Sanford being impeached for spending time with his Argentine mistress when he was supposed to be governing or when Sen Ensign’s former sex partner is called ‘mistress’ – it just bugs me. Maybe because I used to hang with men who had real mistresses, partners who were often known to the man’s families – silly really, but it bugs me.

Mitterand's funeral with wife, mistress and children
At the funeral of François Mitterrand who was President of France from 1981 to 1995, Mme. Danielle Mitterand on the far left, his mistress Anne Pingeot(2nd from right) and illegitimate daughter Mazarine (in the centre)

photo found on after a Google Images search


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