Just a bit on the Palin hysteria

Today’s Media Matters has an excellent synopsis of the ongoing gift to the left that is Alaska’s own quitter

… remember, this is Sarah Palin we’re dealing with here, and no matter how self-discrediting and ridiculous her book was, the conservative media would leap to her defense, claiming (once again) that she was the victim of a vicious liberal onslaught.

Just remember, the only reason the left is laughing at the Palin soap opera is because it is “afraid” of her “straight-talkin’, mavericky truth-tellin'”

None of this is to say that Palin isn’t shrewd. She’s figured out that she can say whatever she pleases, lie freely, quit elected office to become a professional Facebook bomb-thrower, cash in on a ridiculous book she didn’t even write, and still enjoy the adoration of her conservative fan base, as well as the attentions of the mainstream press.

MediaMatters Jamison Foser also had a few words about the Saracuda, in a piece headlined: Contrary to media hype, Sarah Palin is very unpopular.
He focusses on the apparent obsession of the MSM with the Palin phenomenon., even on the radical, commie network MSNBC.


One response to “Just a bit on the Palin hysteria

  1. Palin may have lost a few followers when she didn’t sign her ghost-written book as promised.

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