Why do people lose religious belief?

Recently trolling through the tubez of the internets, I came upon another one of those letters to the editor from a ‘persecuted’ xian.

I read a letter written by Robert D. Bowers on Nov. 27 [“Liberals and Science Are Not Anti-Religion At All; Lies Destroy Faith”] and while I may agree with some of his statements, it’s for a different reason. For example, we both disagree that atheism on college campuses is a coming-of-age thing. Also we both think that young people will turn away from something or someone who lies to them. But those are the only viewpoints we hold in common.

I contend that some of the things Mr. Bowers says the church knows nothing about are actually part of the church’s core theology. Genesis clearly states that God created all things. And if the Bible is not absolute, then there is no basis for “morality.”

And who are students learning the “true facts” about these things from? Just about everyone today knows that many college institutions employ atheist professors, many of whom think nothing of lying in order to “educate” religious students about their version of the “truth.” Perhaps this is the cause behind the surge in atheism on college campuses.

If evolution is a “fact,” then why, over a century since Darwin lived, is it still referred to as “the theory of evolution?” And if evolution has been proven true, then I must have been living under a rock somewhere, because I heard none of this “conclusive proof” that Mr. Bowers refers to.

There are many other wrong points in the letter that I disagree with, but I would just like to point people to the Book of Jude, the book right before Revelations, that discusses people who corrupt the church’s teachings. And as for the “lies that eventually destroy faith,” whose lies are they?


My reply to one of the claims in Mr Tirrell’s letter:
“And as for the lies that eventually destroy faith, whose lies are they? ”

They are the lies of the sanctimonious who fail to act as their holy text demands, they are the sins of the religious leaders who live on the takings from their gullible followers, they are the actions of preachers and priests who take advantage of the youth under their control.

Whose lies are they? They are the actions of politicians who preach one way of living and act in another. Why shouldn’t young people ask questions about religion when they see so many of those public figures revealed as hypocrites.

Recently two reports have appeared in Ireland that deal with the abuse of children by priests and nuns in Roman Catholic schools and orphanages. One aspect of the matter that has outraged the Irish was the protection offered to the abusers by the church’s hierarchy.

Priests Beat and Raped Children

Irish Bishops Covered up Child Abuse

Every “family values” politician who is caught fooling around with a woman (or guy) who is not his wife, every religious figure who is shown to be a hypocrite, may be the the “lie” that pushes one more person away from organised religion.


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