Prof. Dawkins is a tad angry

from The Washington Post’s On Faith column

Haiti and the hypocrisy of Christian theology

As with the Indonesian tsunami, which was blamed on loose sexual morals in tourist bars; as with Hurricane Katrina, which was attributed to divine revenge on the entire city of New Orleans for harboring a lesbian comedian, and as with other disasters going back to the famous Lisbon earthquake and beyond, so Haiti’s tragedy must be payback for human sin. The Rev. Pat Robertson sees the hand of God in the earthquake, wreaking terrible retribution for a pact that the long-dead ancestors of today’s Haitians made with the devil, to help rid them of their French masters.

Needless to say, milder-mannered faith-heads are falling over themselves to disown Pat Robertson, just as they disowned those other pastors, evangelists, missionaries and mullahs at the time of the earlier disasters.

What hypocrisy.

It is a long piece but I think well worth the time to read it. Professor Dawkins is much angrier in this essay than in any other piece of his that I have read. I agree with his contention that much of the religious talk about the disaster in Haiti seems to have at least a hint of Pat Robertson’s take on the matter – i.e., at least part of the blame for the earthquake must lie in the past of the Haitian people and their religious practices.


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