Smart Things other People said (posted)

from Ed’s place

Scott Brown elected = Bad for Obama = Good
Dawn Johnsen = Abortion = Bad

The marketers spewing non-sequiturs fully expect the poor (read non existent) comprehension skills and sprinkle these gems to raise moron fury.

Posted by: MikeMa

Senator Al Franken, as the CEOs of Comcast and NBC sat before him in the Senate hearing on the merger of the two media giants:

“I worked for NBC for many years, and what I know from my previous career has given me reason to be concerned–let me rephrase that, very concerned–about the potential merger of Comcast and NBC Universal…… while I commend NBCU and Comcast for making voluntary commitments as part of this merger, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t just trust their promises.”

Paul Krugman – on deficit spending and the media’s reaction to claims from the right about the danger it poses to America:

To me — and I’m not alone in this — the sudden outbreak of deficit hysteria brings back memories of the groupthink that took hold during the run-up to the Iraq war. Now, as then, dubious allegations, not backed by hard evidence, are being reported as if they have been established beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now, as then, much of the political and media establishments have bought into the notion that we must take drastic action quickly, even though there hasn’t been any new information to justify this sudden urgency. Now, as then, those who challenge the prevailing narrative, no matter how strong their case and no matter how solid their background, are being marginalized.

And fear-mongering on the deficit may end up doing as much harm as the fear-mongering on weapons of mass destruction.

Digby on James O’Keefe and his compatriots:

there’s little doubt that these guys are jackasses of the highest order. They are just mean little pranksters seeking to entrap low level clerks into validating bigots’ worst imaginations. The fact that the MSM never did any real investigations of these little creeps before now and gave them credibility instead, is a sad comment on journalism.


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