Poor, persecuted Repubs

Recently I received one of those all too common emails that wanders thru the tubez of the internets. This one was written by Robert A Hall, a former state legislator, Vietnam vet who thinks all those poor people are just too damn lazy. I started to do a long reply, refuting each of the original author’s claims but in my research (Googling) I came across a post that said much of what I had intended to say in reply.

On his blog, Tom W. Dorr wrote, A Democrat Responds to Robert Hall’s “63 and Tires(sic)”

Go read that if you have a mind that is willing to read adverse opinions. There is much in the post that I personally don’t agree with, in particular the comments about global warming, but at least I read it all – try it.

Mr Dorr concludes with this passage

Bob, you’d leave a better world for your granddaughter if you’d start checking your facts first:

“Then you shall know the truth and the shall set you free.” John 8:32

Someone, of the multi-thousand credulous persons who have forwarded this email, put this little comment in at the bottom of the email.

“There is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on!”

This screed was first published by Mr Hall on his personal blog, The Old Jarhead in Feb 2009 and if you Google the phrase “i’m 63 and i’m tired by robert a. hall” you get about 19,700 hits. If you use “robert a hall i’m tired” you get over 200,000.

Like much that we see on the web that is emailed to friends and family, this particular email whine contains an underlying theme of minority persecution. A ‘minority’ that is in reality not only the largest segment of the population but also the most politically powerful and the richest. With a nation that is almost equally divided at this time, why one side has to consider itself to be threatened is beyond my understanding. This persecution complex is an emotional and not a rational reaction. It is engendered more by the financial collapse than by any true changes to the American political system. Americans at this time are worried about their personal and the nation’s financial stability. Understandable.

Is there something in the mental makeup of the white, xian rightwing that demands it perceives itself as a persecuted minority despite the reality of their power in this nation?

The right wing noise machine has been quite effective at creating distrust about government. They don’t necessarily speak the truth, but Republicans in Congress do mouth the platitudes written down by media framers such as Frank Luntz. This past week, Sen McConnell speeches contained phrases that copied word for word, a recent ‘briefing’ sent out by Luntz.

Mr Luntz is author of Words that Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear(amz, b&n, lib)


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