A ‘good’ reason for denying reality

from Julian Sanchez, with a tip of the cap to Ed Brayton we get a cogent explanation as to why so many Americans deny the reality of our present class structure.

…a lot of our current politics has less to do with actual policy disagreements than with resolving status anxieties. You can think of patriotism as a kind of status socialism—a collectivization of the means of self-esteem production. You don’t have to graduate from an Ivy or make a lot of money to feel proud or special about being an American; you don’t have to do a damn thing but be born here. Cultural valorization of “American-ness” relative to other status markers, then, is a kind of redistribution of psychological capital to those who lack other sources of it.

Being American is so super special that you don’t need to have a lot of money, it doesn’t matter that the country is turning into a plutocracy – “’cause, I’m an American and that makes me upper-class” (even while living in a trailer park or the back seat of my car)


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