Rove thinks ‘Birthers’ are a White House plot

THIS is funny

Karl Rove blames ‘Birthers’ on a ‘White House strategy'[/b] to ensnare unwitting Republicans in ‘Birch Society’ trap

O’REILLY: And in the “Impact” segment tonight, new poll by a Democratic organization says 51 percent of Republican primary voters believe President Obama was not born in the USA. I do not believe that poll. And here’s the reason. The sample is so minuscule, very few people vote in Republican primaries. And to isolate them would be a challenge even for Gallup, much less a political polling center.

So, here is a better poll. According to CBS news, 58 percent of Americans believe the President was born in America, just 20 percent say he was born in another country. The rest don’t seem to care. There is no question that some Democrats are trying to marginalize Republican opposition in 2012 by painting them as nuts, thus the birther polling

O’REILLY: OK, so, there is no doubt in my mind after watching Gregory on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, grilling Speaker Boehner about the birth certificate and all of that that the liberal and Gregory is a liberal man, right? I’m not being unfair to him, am I?


O’REILLY: OK. He may not acknowledge it but he is. So, it’s divide — let’s divide the Republican Party.

ROVE: This is a White House strategy. They love this.

O’REILLY: How do you know it’s the White House strategy?

ROVE: Look, the President could come out and say, ‘Here are the documents.’ They are happy to have this controversy continue because every moment the conservatives talk about this they marginalize themselves and diminish themselves in the minds of independent voters. And every moment we spend talking about this controversy is a moment we can’t spend talking about the failed stimulus bill, the reckless spending, Obamacare, his failures in foreign policy and his failure to live up to the promises that he made in the 2008 election.

Look, he was born in Hawaii. If he was born in Kenya, then there must have been some massive conspiracy that said this guy being born in Kenya —

After thinking about this over night and reading the usual suspects, it struck me that the Republican establishment is very worried about the craziness in a large number of those they are counting on for support in future elections. In the past, elected politicians of all stripes have used, shall we say, ‘heated rhetoric’, to stir up the base during campaigns with little fear of the consequences. Now,in today’s world of instant messaging and internet meetups, the base is beginning to wield real power. At this time, the more agitated side of the body politic is on the right – i.e., Tea Party, but what if the left, the progressive side gets off their butts and creates an alternative to the Tea Party? Could the situation in Madison WI be the harbinger of coming change? Will the American worker finally come to understand that the Republican Party does not have his/her interests at heart? Maybe


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