He’s not a conservative. He’s just a pragmatist.

Dana Milbank has a decent column that points us at a source for the increasing unrest seen in the body politic, not only in Wisconsin but also across the US.

Scott Walker’s unprincipled rigidity

during his phone conversation, Gov Walker mentioned Tim Cullen, the one Democratic Senator he thought was “about the only reasonable one”

But when the fake Koch offered to call Cullen, Walker discouraged him:

“He’s pretty reasonable, but he’s not one of us. . . . He’s not there for political reasons. He’s just trying to get something done. . . . He’s not a conservative. He’s just a pragmatist.”

“Just a pragmatist” – as if it were an epithet. “Just trying to get something done”[ – as if this were evidence of a character defect.

Ideological rigidity will be the downfall of the modern GOP in my opinion.

more from the WashPost piece

Cullen had a description of Walker, too. “This is the eighth governor that I’ve worked with in one way or another – four Republicans, four Democrats – and this is the first governor who takes a clear public position that he will never negotiate,” said Cullen, who worked in Republican governor Tommy Thompson’s administration between stints in the state Senate. “The other seven were willing to take the 70 or 80 percent of what they wanted. . . . That’s what you need to do to make government work.”

Cullen got a call from Thompson last week and is hoping his old friend will persuade Walker to negotiate. But that won’t be easy. Under Walker’s tribal political theory, governing is a never-ending cycle of revenge killings.

“I don’t budge,” Walker promised the fake Koch. He explained that he would increase pressure on state workers by threatening thousands of them with layoffs. He considered planting instigators in the crowd, he said, and he might offer to talk to Democrats – but only as a ruse to get them to return. “I’m not negotiating,” he said.

These are not the words of a statesman. These are the words of a hooligan.

This type of thinking, this type of person who is so totally convinced that their particular political philosophy is the only acceptable one – were the defining characteristics of some of the darkest days in humanity’s long history (more than 6000 yrs, by the way). When those who are considered leaders align themselves with that segment of the population which refuses to consider compromise, allies with that segment which demeans their opponents as unworthy of discussion and even considers them as less than human, there can be but two results. The leaders and the bigots take control and the vast majority suffer or the bigotry is denounced and society grows stronger.

OK, there usually is a third way, (typical librul wishie washie nonsense ) compromise – but that does nothing for the minority which is so sure that its way is the only way and which then continues its subversive ways. Which they can do because they happen to live in a democratic society.

Contrast that with Cullen’s philosophy, which he says he learned from Lyndon Johnson: “Any person not willing to settle for half a loaf has never been hungry.”


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