King hearings provide confirmation for True Believers(tm)

In another place, I posted the following comment

HarleyDays posted

Somerville, if you go back in the thread, you will noticed in my posting that I did not exclude ‘White Supremacist” or any other radical extremist groups the US may have. They are all included as to in my opinion, hearings should be held and investigations made.

But the hearings have to start somewhere and sometime. This is a elbow in the side for moderate Muslims to be vigilante and be aware of those sleepers within their communities. It holds the same for you or me…If we notice some strange or something just not right…we all need to be vigilante and report the information.

Good on ya Harley, for including “White Supremacist(s)” in your earlier post, however, the “elbow in the side for moderate Muslims” comment shows that you still don’t understand what is happening.

The majority of Somali youth who have been radicalised went back to Somalia to fight in the war that continues there. They have not gone there and then returned to the US as “sleeper” terrorists; in fact, at least two who became disillusioned with the crazies in Somalia were murdered when their efforts to return home were disclosed.

The others, those who have attempted or carried out attacks in America each had a different reason behind their conversion from normality to fanaticism. Racism and bigotry have played a role in some cases, in others the straw was domestic and family disputes. Radical recruiters exploited the discord in the men’s lives for their own purposes.

The problem with these hearings is that they play straight into the hands of the recruiters, the hearings may be seen as just one more ‘proof’ that Muslims will never be allowed to fully participate in American society as it exists today; therefore, the only thing to do is attack it so it may be changed into something that places Islam in its proper place at the top of society.

The King hearings will be exploited to gain recruits for the fundamentalist Islamic cause, that is reality but also for those who see Islam as the source of all evil in the world. Thereby reinforcing the True Believers(tm) on both sides of the religious divide.

One side will say, ”See! We told you those xians hate Islam!” and the other side will say, “See! We told you that Muslims can’t be real Americans!” for the True Believer(tm) hears only confirmation of the Truth – whatever the Truth may be.

Actions of the True Believers(tm) of one stripe
Durham, NC Vandalism of mosque spurs safety concerns Dec 2010

After Sensationalized TV Report, Vandals Strike Nashville Mosque Feb, 2010

Police ask Jacksonville community to help catch mosque bomber May 2010

Tennessee Mosque Vandalized Once Again June 2010

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