Arizona passes a ‘Birther’ Bill (for male candidates)

Wandering about the tubez of the internets a couple days past, I found an interesting post on the site of the Phoenix New Times:

Birther Bill Could Force Presidential Candidates to Provide Description of Their Penis

This morning I read that the bill has now passed the Arizona House and is to be signed into law. So Arizona passes a ‘birther’ bill that would require “President Obama and other presidential candidates to prove they are U.S. citizens before their names can appear on the state’s ballot.” Color me unsurprised

This Arizona bill is not about proving a candidate’s citizenship, the Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama that has been posted all over the internets, is accepted by the US Government as proof of citizenship. If the Arizona legislation was anything other than an attack on the President based on the babblings of the demented – it would not allow non-legal documents to be considered acceptable ‘proof’. Allowing a document which is not accepted by the feds is simply additional proof of the fallacy inherent in any statement about candidates “proving” they are citizens. Plus the matter of gender discrimination just might be a bit of a problem.

The initial paragraphs of the Fox article do not provide a complete description of the bill as passed, but then what else would one expect from FauxNews. The tendency of most of us to simply read the first couple of paragraphs in a news story is well known. So if the editor doesn’t like a fact, it may be included but be buried in the trailing parts.

Toward the bottom of the Fox piece is the kicker, the matter of what type of documents are acceptable to the state of Arizona as “proof” of citizenship. Does anyone else think that a religious document which is not accepted in any court as a ‘legal’ document should be considered as proof of citizenship?

The last sentence of the Fox piece shows the danger of the ‘birther’ bill.

The names of candidates can be kept off the ballot if the secretary of state doesn’t believe the candidates met the citizenship requirement.

If I am reading it correctly, this means that one political figure would be given the power to prevent a person from running for office. Not quite what one could call Democracy.

Text of the bill may found here.

If you go to the Arizona Legislatures website and search for HB2177, you will find a very interesting action by the pols in Phoenix. HB2177 started as a proposal to ensure Arizona schools all conformed to a standard number of days they would be open in any school year but then in some mysterious fashion mutated into the bill as passed which sets out requirements for Presidential candidates.


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