‘Liberal’ is not a dirty word

Yet once again we see the reality which shows the success of the corporate media in demonising the word and concept – liberal

A recent Gallup poll would seem to show that Americans are becoming more conservative in their political views

Gallup trend lines on political views Forty-one percent of Americans thus far in 2011 self-identify as conservative, 36% as moderate and 21% as liberal, continuing a slight advantage for conservatism seen since 2009. Many more Republicans call themselves conservative (71%) than Democrats call themselves liberal (38%).

By 44% to 35%, more independents are moderate than conservative — with the percentage conservative continuing to be a notch higher than it was from 2000 to 2008. Another 20% are liberal, similar to the national average. Conservatism among independents increased fairly sharply in 2009, from 30% to 35%, largely explaining the expansion of conservatism nationally at that time, and it has held at that level since then.

The ‘funny’ thing is that when Americans are asked about specific actions or beliefs which might be labeled ‘liberal’, it seems they actually like those ideas

A WSJ/NBC poll conducted earlier this year found the following:

  • 81% – in favour of increasing tax rates for millionaires
  • 68% – were for eliminating Bush tax cuts
  • 74% – liked eliminating oil & gas subsidies
  • 77% – favoured allowing public unions having the same bargaining rights as private industry unions
  • 59% – felt it was mostly or totally unacceptable to cut college loan programs
  • 65% – thought cutting home heating assistance to low income was mostly/totally unacceptable

  • Then in June there was a poll conducted by the American Lung Assn that found a majority of Americans favour strict anti-pollution regulations.

    75 percent of voters support the EPA setting stricter limits on smog.

    Additionally, 65 percent voters do not believe stronger standards will inhibit economic recovery and instead create more jobs because of investment in new technologies.

    The poll results reveal 72 percent of the bipartisan voters do not want Congress to prevent the EPA for setting stronger pollution limits.

    Another effort by the modern American conservative movement has been an attack on our public education system, increasing voucher support for private schools, promoting the concept of ‘charter schools’, often run by politically oriented groups, and providing aid for home-schooling parents as a counter to the “increased secularisation of the public school system”.
    Sept 2010 Gallup poll

    PRINCETON, NJ — Forty-three percent of U.S. adults want the federal government to be more involved in education than it is currently and 20% want it to keep the same level of involvement, while 35% want it less involved. Parents of school-aged children are particularly supportive of expanding the government’s role in education, with 56% favoring more involvement.

    which is a bit of a contrast with the Wisconsin GOP candidate who compared public education to the Nazi regime

    And finally, we have the whole ‘gay’ thing with one of the most contentious points being the idea of same-sex marriage legalisation.

    A recent Gallup poll shows 53 percent of Americans support making gay marriage legal, Reuters reports.

    The poll shows a significant change in mood on the issue from a year ago, when an equal majority opposed same-sex matrimony.

    Read more: FoxNews.com

    The point in posting all of this is simply to note that Americans have been so indoctrinated against “liberalism” that even when self-identified conservatives support “liberal” ideals they refuse to acknowledge that they just may be what was once known as a “liberal”


    2 responses to “‘Liberal’ is not a dirty word

    1. It seems to me you are trying to use the results of polls to convince yourself and others that the right is wrong and you speak of indoctrination of the right yet it is the indoctrination of the left you see most influencing these polls.You cite the poll saying over 50% of Americans support gay marriage yet when put to a vote in one of the most liberal states in the Country over 60% said no but I guess if you keep telling everyone the sky is falling sooner or later they might believe it.

    2. Yes I cited a recent poll (2011) showing majority support for gay marriage and in response you note that California voted down a same-sex marriage proposal in 2008. Minds do change you know.

      Since it is the right that keeps telling us the “sky is falling”, moral depravity is on the increase, crime rates are soaring, etc etc – none of which is true but the right has been quite successful in creating a fear of being labeled “liberal” because liberals are constantly pointing out that things are not as bad presently as the right claims but things could get worse if the right gains control.

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