What to do about America’s “Dummy Belt”

Professor Beery at the beeryblog has some interesting facts and suggestions concerning America’s “Dummy Belt” – those states which are most like the Third World

America’s Dummy Belt

We are a land of many ‘belts’: the Bible Belt, the Rust Belt, the Sun Belt, to name a few.

But watching the near dissolution of our political institutions and our international reputation as a scientific, medical, and cultural leader at the hands of ideologically puritanical and intellectually useless base idiots, the time has come to name another of America’s ‘belts’: the DUMMY BELT.

This belt encompasses a swath of the United States that, were it drop-kicked from the Union, would instantly join the likes of Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau among the world’s most primitive societies. A grotesque mutation joining Iranian theocracy and Central African poverty would emerge, despoiling the planet and setting back global progress a dozen generations merely by existing.

But alas, God has cursed First-World states by saddling them with responsibility for the well-being of barbaric theocrats and tribalists. And our nation many years ago made the cataclysmic misstep of bestowing on these nether regions multifarious statehoods and representatives.

America’s Dummy Belt

The Dummy Belt


One response to “What to do about America’s “Dummy Belt”

  1. Effectively said & with glorious timing

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