xian love for atheists

found on PZ’s blog, a screen shot of FoxNews Facebook page

love letters

so what was it that inspired such loving words from those who claim they are followers of Jesus?

Atheist group’s frivolous lawsuit aims to bar ‘cross’ from 9/11 museum

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise when they say they believe in the Prince of Peace but at the same time, believe things such as the words found in Numbers 15:32-36

32 Once, while the Israelites were traveling through the desert, a man was caught gathering firewood on the Sabbath.
33 He was taken to Moses, Aaron, and the rest of the community.
34 But no one knew what to do with him, so he was not allowed to leave.
35 Then the LORD said to Moses, ” Tell the people to take that man outside the camp and stone him to death!”
36 So he was killed, just as the LORD had commanded Moses.

Their Prince of Peace did have a bit of an ego problem it would appear. When some folks refused to believe he was creating miracles, he had a few words to say, found in Matthew 11:21-24

21 You people of Chorazin are in for trouble! You people of Bethsaida are in for trouble too! If the miracles that took place in your towns had happened in Tyre and Sidon, the people there would have turned to God long ago. They would have dressed in sackcloth and put ashes on their heads. 22 I tell you that on the day of judgment the people of Tyre and Sidon will get off easier than you will. 23 People of Capernaum, do you think you will be honored in heaven? You will go down to hell! If the miracles that took place in your town had happened in Sodom, that town would still be standing. 24 So I tell you that on the day of judgment the people of Sodom will get off easier than you.

Update: to add a link to One Man’s Blog and his commentariate


3 responses to “xian love for atheists

  1. Sounds to me like a great bunch of Christians! Where is the love and tolerance, the turn the other cheek? I sure would not want these people representing me.

  2. While I might agree the reactions above are just a bit over the top our Country was founded on the idea of a higher power and the constant demands that all signs of this higher power be removed serves no purpose other then to justify someones lack of faith.I find it interesting that the folks who file these suits feel its wrong for anyone to display a sign of faith and demand they remove them out of respect for their personal beliefs but refuse to show any respect to others who”s beliefs are different then theirs .Seems like pure hypocrisy to me.I think the guy who had his little plaque about his lack of faith placed by others signs of faith is on to something but demanding the removal of these signs is just plain wrong and will do nothing but divide us as a Country.

  3. Sorry, but you have been mislead by charlatans like David Barton and his false history of America’s past. This nation was not founded on any idea of a higher power but rather on many of the ideas of what is known as the Enlightenment plus a few bits and pieces from other sources. You could read an earlier post of mine – Why are some people so ignorant about history to learn a bit and if you bother to read some of the links in that post you will start a path that might lead you to better knowledge.

    “a bit over the top” ?!?!? I think those advocating death for someone who doesn’t hold the same religious views is more than “a bit over the top”.

    The problem we non-believers have with these displays of religious faith is when they are placed on public property, which causes some to think the government is thereby endorsing a specific faith. I know of no one in America who has tried to censor any religious display(s) when they are on private property. In fact it is xian believers who have time and time again protested, demanded the removal of, or defaced humanist and atheist signs and displays and/or the symbols of non Christian religions.

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