No racists in America

found by some guy mucking about in the tubez of the internets

gallows for Obama
“The future for Liberals and RINOs, no less than they deserve”

The photo was posted by some blogger who claims he is

a retired Marine dedicated to the eradication of liberalism and the return of America to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. If you are a leftist, a marxist, a maoist, a statist, or a progressive, YOU ARE MY ENEMY!

Using the self-descriptive term Gunny, he is stating that he attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Somehow I doubt it, he may have been in the USMC but I don’t think he was a Gunny. Just my opinion

All of the words the blogger spews and what I read is fear – and hatred bred by that fear, certainly I see no love for America, the “Constitutional Republic” of which he dreams but shows little knowledge that his fantasy land never existed.


3 responses to “No racists in America

  1. Thanks for caring about this topic.

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how people can be thought to “hate their country” for believing in something other than right-wing doctrine – very strange. Surely if half of America can vote for the Democrats, it would be unamerican of the Republicans to hate half of their country?

  3. It would be unAmerican to hate half of Americans if you thought they were also American – unfortunately, far too many on the right don’t see political opponents as “Real Americans” – those ‘others’ have the wrong ideas, are the wrong colour or either worship the wrong god(s) or worship no god(s)

    QED – therefore, those ‘others’ can be hated

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