I have upset somebody

Over on one of those “Real Amurrican(TM)” blogs, I had dropped a couple of comments after reading what I thought to be incorrect statements. Evidently pointing out that a world exists outside of his rather insular viewpoint is not to be tolerated on his blog.

Which is fine with me – his blog, his rules – but it does appear to be an indication of fear. Yes, I write “fear” because refusing to listen to those who disagree often comes from a fear of being unable to answer the opponent’s questions and claims.

Anyway, more fun on the internets

kingsjester Says:
August 13, 2011 at 9:22 am | Reply

Dear Troll –
I have been more than magnanimous in my toleration of you proclaiming your Liberal, condescending, self-righteous, self-impressed POV on this blog, upon which I have worked very hard to achieve the modicum of success which it has garnered, thanks to my loyal supporters. You can take your progressive pomposity, and the over-sized vacuous cranium in which it is housed and perform something anatomically impossible with it and disappear. Your 15 minutes of fame are up, Skippy. YOU’RE SPAM. BUH-BYE.

If my comment hasn’t been deleted you may read it at the link provided above


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