Florida Gov. Scott prescribes ideology

from the “ultra-liberal” Palm Beach Post, an editorial

Scott prescribes ideology

To Gov. Scott and the Legislature, it makes sense to reject $50 million in federal money for proven programs and take $2.5 million for one proven a failure.

Since the state is suing the federal government over the Affordable Care Act, Gov. Scott and his GOP colleagues have insisted on taking no money authorized by the law – except when it suits their ideology. That’s the only explanation for taking $2.5 million from the health care laws for an abstinence-only program that doesn’t prevent kids from having sex or help them avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Yet they rejected $50 million that would have paid for, among other things, one of the most successful child-abuse prevention programs in the country.

Gov. Scott and an aide to House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, have claimed that the abstinence-only money continues a long-standing program. Gov. Scott weasel-worded to Bloomberg News that he opposes “implementing any part of ObamaCare that didn’t already exist.”

Some of the rejected grant money, however, was for a highly rated program run by Healthy Families Florida since 1998. It sends nurses to work with young parents deemed at risk of abusing or neglecting their children. Since the Legislature cut Healthy Families’ budget by close to $10 million, it, too, is a long-standing program that predates “ObamaCare.”

Gov. Scott is a multimillionaire who gets taxpayer-subsidized health care on the state plan while opposing public money and programs that could help millions of Floridians. Does that make sense?

This past week Floridians found out that Gov Scott, a multi-millionaire, is using a special health plan available only to upper level state employees. His monthly cost? $30 a month for insurance that covers himself and his wife.


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  1. Come on, inform me how you actually feel.

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