The Right’s ‘Experts’

For some odd reason, Politico has now put Chuck Norris on their list of writers. The man is an actor. A not very good actor who found a niche and made a living doing the same character, over and over, with different costumes.

Now, he pontificates on something he knows nothing about: international arms control.

He uses recent diplomatic efforts to create a treaty that would work toward reducing cross-border arms trafficking to claim it is simply another effort by the “Kenyan anti-colonialist” to do away with Americans Second Amendment rights. Either he hasn’t bothered to actually read statements made by the Administration or the United Nations or he doesn’t care because he has an agenda.

International Law Expert Chuck Norris Is (Shockingly) Wrong About UN Arms Treaty

The leading contender for the Republican nomination, Rick Perry, has about the same level of ‘knowledge’ concerning climate change and the Theory of Evolution as Chuck has about arms control.

Creationism Hits the Campaign Trail and Exposes Differences in the Field

On climate change, here’s a video link from the Washington Post: Perry, Bachmann highlight the politics of climate change

When the right has so many ‘experts’ who have been exposed as charlatans and ignoramuses on so many subjects, why is anyone still listening to them?


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