Does (deity of your choice) hate Rick Perry?

A perfect synopsis of the Rick Perry situation comes from Tim F. at

Please, Texas, tell Rick Perry to stop praying.

In April, facing record heat and seven months of drought in his state, Rick Perry took decisive action. He prayed for rain. Five months later Texas is drier, hotter and on fire. This is definitive proof that either:

  • (a) God hates Rick Perry;
  • (b) God belongs to some other faith and praying to Jesus just pisses Him, Her, It or Them off;
  • (c ) the climate in Texas has nothing to do with religion and instead depends on preventable human behavior and has followed a predictable trajectory since Svante Arrhenius first described the greenhouse phenomenon in 1896;
  • (d) in his New Testament big J explicitly points out that his Dad does not dish out favors while you are still alive, but rather you have to wait until you die (plus various whatnot in Revelations) to find out what He thinks of you, and that if you really need something right now then basement cat might take your request; or
  • (e) all of the above.
  • Drought in Texas, Sept 2011


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