Is this America’s future?

from the Maddowblog

A question of democracy in America

Michigan’s revamped emergency manager law allows (Emergency Financial Manager) Mr. Harris to do just about whatever he pleases. The state has deemed Benton Harbor in need of serious help, such serious help that democracy itself is part of the problem. Democracy is seen as part of the problem, until it isn’t. Mr. Harris has placed the charter changes he wants on the November ballot. This is one that the people of Benton Harbor will get to vote on.
If you’re working for political change, just getting on the ballot is a major hurdle. Folks like Eclectablog have been toiling for months now to get to get a repeal referendum up for a vote, but Emergency Manager Harris types up an order and he’s in.

Oh yeah – it’s always better if we tell the poor folks what they are allowed to vote on. After all, those in charge know what’s best for the poor folks.

True throughout history.

The right has so altered the political environment in America they are now passing laws to subvert democracy, as with the Michigan law. State legislatures are able to do this because far too many Americans have come to believe the memes created and promulgated by the well-funded right wing noise machine.

Such actions seem to be insufficient for some on the right, now they are beginning to openly promote the idea of restricting the right to vote to those who fit their definition of “Real Americans”. Matthew Vadum, in a recent American Thinker op-ed argues the poor shouldn’t even be allowed to vote, writing that “Registering [the poor] to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.” The comments at the American Thinker are rather indicative of the type of ‘thinking‘ found in a faction of the American right.

Samples of American Thinker ‘thinking’

syrin23 – I agree completely with this article and have a simple solution to fix it. Every person’s vote is weighted according to how much they paid in taxes. Everyone gets a default value of one. So of that evil CEO paid $750,000 in taxes, his vote would be the equivalent of 750,000 voters who paid nothing.

PattyMor – Not only we have representation without taxation; we also have representation without citizenship. Luis Guiteriz(sic) is their champion and La Raza is their non-profit money generating scheme and advocate. Since there weren’t enough U.S. citizens to sign up for welfare, they began importing them.

Wayward Son – One person one vote is a recipe for political suicide and the Communist’s dream.

In other words “Democracy is for those who agree with me – all those others, Fuck ’em!

One of the ways being implemented to make it more difficult for the poor to vote, is the requirement for new state-issued identification. Owing to civil rights laws passed back in the sixties, states can’t charge for these IDs because that would amount to a poll tax. Wisconsin has one of those new ID laws but recent news reports have revealed that the state has sent a notice to all offices issuing IDs that workers are not to volunteer information about the free IDs available. One state worker has already been fired because he had sent out emails to friends about the order from on high.


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