I agree with Ed

Ed at ginandtacos.com has written a post that says exactly what I have been saying to family and friends in recent days


What Barack Obama really needs to do is to get angry, and that is why he will never succeed. He has spent his entire life preparing to fail in this position, because for a half-century Obama has worked hard to master the art of not coming off as the Angry Black Man. No matter how much he or the nation might benefit from a “Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!” moment, it’s just not going to happen. No matter how much it would help to get eye to eye with Eric Cantor and say, “Let me explain what happened to the last guy who tried to fuck with me,” it’s just not going to happen.

… He isn’t failing because Americans are racist (though they may be) or because the nation “isn’t ready for a black president” or something like that. He’s failing in part because, since childhood, he has seen the pathway to success defined by the expectations of (primarily white) people in positions of power. And the message has been reinforced hundreds of times over: do not scare the white people.

Go – read the whole piece. I agree with Ed


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