Random ejaculations of fact and fiction. Which I’m positive someone else has posted on one or two or seventyeleven of those 5 bazillion plus blogs out there.

Many ask, “Why are you doing this (writing a blog)?

Two reasons I think are paramount:
(1) the hope for communication with like-minded people
(2) Ego; that is the desire to display, to the world, one’s self-perceived abilities in one field or another.

I will see over the coming months, just how my “random ejaculations” are received – and then I’ll tell everybody, or at least those who read these pages.

The house in the header was built by one of my great-grands and now belongs to distant relatives that I have never met. Though once a farm house, most of the land has been sold off and the house is now used as a weekend/summer retreat from city life. Originally, it was a “dog run house” with an open passage between the left and right side rooms. As you may notice the roof is new, on the day I took the photo there were still scraps from the old roof waiting to be hauled away. The dog run has been enclosed, making a long, wide hallway from the front porch to the back of the house.


4 responses to “About

  1. Just found your blog. Looks good both style and content. I’ll be back to do a decent read. Right now just passing by and saying hello.

    Be well.

  2. When I was 32, I worked a physical job of laying sod and seeding large areas of highway and bridges. I worked with a bunch of 18 year olds. Everyday about noon, the one, the owners son and his buddy would take off because they were tired, and they got away with it. That left me and one 18 year old boy. The dude would cry and bitch all day about how sore he was and how tired he was. I give him credit over the other two in that he would work all day, but Id have to look at him and tell him that he was crying to the wrong person, as at 32 years old it wasnt real easy for me to do this all day. He would say he didnt know how I did it. So I say to him, What did you do all day, sit around and play nintendo when you were a kid?. Hed look at me in amazement, and say Yeah, why?, like I was nuts or something. I had to explain that when we were children, we were outside playing ball and running from sun up to sun down, and we didnt spend much time inside at all, and thats why his generation is so soft, and the ones coming after them, each one, is getting softer and softer. The schools take any boy that shows any signs of testosterone, and put him on ritalin, and they are feminizing and dumbing down all of them, and thats a real problem. Couple that with sitting on their butts all day in front of video games and computers, and it wont be long until the average life span is going to be shortened 20 years from what it is now. Its quite a shame actually.

  3. Yes. I have experienced this, sadly. The only time I have seen children being children is when I lived in the Caribbean. The children of the boat owners would gather and build forts, storm the beach and lay on the docks staring at the fish (six children of different ages) and talking to each other like children used to do many years ago.

  4. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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