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Does the GOP really want to return to the White House?

At Balloon Juice, commenter JustRuss posted a few words of note, which have elicited further thoughtful comments — check it out.

Losing three presidential races in a row would be a big fucking deal,

To a party that cared about governing, sure. But “the party” is mostly the money, and they just want the government to stay the hell out of their way. And with the IRS and EPA being starved, TPP and other trade deals in the hopper, Citizen’s United, fracking bans being overturned left and right, they’re doing fine. Sure, it would be nice to have a Bush in the White House, but they’re getting most of what they want regardless. Having a Democrat in the White House gives them someone to blame when things go sideways and is a great focus for the rage their constituents are addicted to.

Read more at “Wake up Sheeple!”

Having “someone to blame” has certainly been the GOPers modus operandi during the entire time Barack Hussein Obama has owned the Oval Office. When he advocates for a program the right once believed in, said program suddenly is transformed into a socialistic, freedom-stealing tenet of the secret Muslim jihadis now living in the White House. If the end results of an operation instituted by his predecessor turns out to be a failure, it is the O’s fault.

One could examine rationally, something seldom done in the American media these days – think in a rational manner – the behaviour of Republicans since November 2008 and perhaps begin to think the GOP prefers playing the outsider to actually attempting to better the lives of Americans.


Gingrich targets NASCAR voters

Gingrich Targets NASCAR Voters

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Newt Gingrich is wooing NASCAR voters.

As he charts a possible course to the Republican nomination, aides say Gingrich will paint frontrunner Mitt Romney as the candidate of the PGA golf tour while the former House speaker pursues the blue collar mantle of Dale Earnhardt.

It’s a strategy that exploits the class warfare Gingrich professes to oppose. Still, it could pay dividends once the GOP race again swings South. Gingrich sees delegate-rich Texas as a firewall in April. But he must slog through more than 30 contests before that.
Still, even as the former Georgia congressman casts himself as a national candidate, noting that he’ll head to California next week, it is the South — with its evangelicals and social conservatives — that could prove pivotal.

“We want to get to Georgia, to Alabama, to Tennessee. We want to get to Texas,” Gingrich said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

He failed to mention Virginia, the state he now calls home, and where he failed to qualify to get on the ballot. The error is costly. It means he won’t be eligible for any of the state’s 46 delegates.

Kind of a silly headline actually, but it is what it is – NASCAR is not an exclusively southern sport, although many of the ‘media elite’ seem t0 think so.  The ‘tell’ for the Gingrich campaign and its certain collapse was the failure to get on the ballot in Virginia – bad management I would say and not a good recommendation for a man who wants to run the most powerful nation on this planet.

Do you think he messed up getting the signatures to appear on the VA ballot because Callista insisted on that Mediterranean cruise about that time?  You know – the cruise that caused many of his campaign professionals to pack their bags and go elsewhere.

Even Chris Matthews finally gets it

During an interview on MSNBC’s Weekend with Alex Witt, Chris Matthews offered ‘advice’ to the President.  This became quite the sensation in the rightie blogosphere as “just more evidence that even the hard-left knows Obama is a failure”.  Of course, calling Chris Matthews “hard-left” is true only in the fantasy world created by the modern right’s propaganda machine. A world described by David Frum in a recent piece at the New York magazine site:

Backed by their own wing of the book-publishing industry and supported by think tanks that increasingly function as public-relations agencies, conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics.

It took a bit of the googling to find the complete version of the truncated bit (1:50) shown on Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller site

Here’s the  link to the full 4min 51sec video from the Matthews interview

In it, you will see Chris’s characteristic style of talking over other people when they are trying to ask questions.  He has a rather large ego to say the least and often I find him unwatchable because of his habit of talking over others, even when I agree with what he is saying.

The full video gives a bit of context to the shortened version linked to in the original post – it comes across as the “political insider” giving advice to the President.  Some of it strikes me as Chris wanting people to think that he has some super special inside connections and some of it as heartfelt.  Matthews feels the President, as others on the left have also noted, has failed to live up to his promises of Change in America by not promoting the more left-leaning aspects of the program.  When those on the right accuse the President of being too radical, of being a Marxist – people on the left just shake their heads over the delusion.

So yes, many who supported the President have lost their enthusiasm that helped Barack Obama win in 2008 – BUTT, they sure ain’t gonna vote for any of the clowns presently running for the Republican nomination.  They’ve lost enthusiasm because the President hasn’t gone far enough in promoting those actions that would bring the country’s economy back; they feel he hasn’t stood up to the blatant obstructionism of the right. Obstructionism exemplified by Minority Leader McConnell’s stated goal, “Making Obama A One-Term President Is My Single Most Important Priority”

When one party is more concerned with regaining the Oval Office than it is with working toward improving the economy and the other party has way too many members who care more about personal income and power than they do about holding to any principles – well, we have the present situation of negativism inside and outside the Beltway

Republican desperation

Ed at ginandtacos says it best

In the next few weeks I am betting that we will see some truly bizarre Draft So-and-So campaigns on the internet and in the media. David Petraeus. Dick Cheney. George Bush the Elder. Jeb (again). Sarah Palin (again). Rudy Giuliani. Katherine Harris. Mike Gravel. Ross Perot. John Anderson. Oliver North. Ted Nugent. Baltimore Orioles OF Luke Scott. Sideshow Bob. Gennifer Flowers. WWE superstar John Cena. This inanimate carbon rod.

Desperation does terrible things to one’s judgment. But no matter how many names are floated in the upcoming weeks it is becoming increasingly likely that the Republicans are stuck, for better or worse, with the current field.

(insert deity of your choice) have mercy on us all.

I added the deity phrase to Ed’s words

Michelle Bachmann: Sucking on the government’s teats

Ryan Lizza has written an article to be published in the New Yorker

Mr Lizza was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air about his article and what he found while traveling with the Bachmann campaign

One takeaway, for me, from the NPR interview

For someone whose ideology is really defined by a strong dislike for government, if you look at the way she’s supported herself over the years, it’s mostly through the government. After law school, she works at the IRS, she’s there for four years, then in 1992 she starts taking in foster children and does that from 1992-1998 and is paid by the state to do that. She then works briefly for a local charter school and then she starts running for office and becomes first an employee of the state of Minnesota and then a congresswoman, an employee of the federal government. … Her husband is a psychologist [who] has two counseling clinics that like any other medical professional [clinic] takes lots of money from Medicare and Medicaid — and then on top of that, has received generous farm subsidies for a farm he owns in Wisconsin.”

Funny how that works